Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seat for RB's pan

You all know RB joined the 50 club recently. His "get it and ride it" plan quickly changed, as so often happens, and he asked me to re-do his Bates seat for him.
The first thing we did was pull his seat apart and cut down the seat pan then get it re-chromed.
Then I whipped up some low profile foam. The black stuff is some high density closed cell foam that I got from a saddle maker out here. He says they put it in competitive saddles for good shock absorption. The bottom layer is some medium density for a good bit of squish.
Next I molded the leather for the top and bottom of the seat.

Then it was time to dye the leather and stitch it up. I used kangaroo lace and a double whip stitch. Then I sent it off to RB.

See you in Pomona!

Oh and I left you a little secret message in there buddy.

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