Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daydreaming on a day off.

Here it is, cows, goats, hunting, Colorado’s western slope. I can hear you now, “you’re too fucking lazy”, yes, I am fucking lazy, but I am also a hyperactive son-of-a-bitch and love being active. As of late, all I really want to do is be above timberline, naked, rolling around in the snow. Instead I’m sitting in an office, in my monkey suit, sweating balls. Kaczynski had the right idea, to hell with all this technological bullshit. And no, I’m not against technology, in fact I’m rather impressed by it. My issue with it is this, the attachment it gives us with the rest of the world actually removes from us what it is to be human. I first realized this when I lost my cell phone. I felt like I was screwed; How would I remain in contact with the world? Shit, I’m a fucking addict. The internet, cell phones, all this shit that keeps us connected, It’s all bullshit. I realized I need an escape, get away, avoid all this shit. For my own sanity, and to stay human in the classical sense of the word, I need to get the fuck out. How nice it would be, total freedom. If you need to contact me, write a letter. That’s all the technology we need. Think of the money saved. I mean how much does it cost to write a letter and ship it off anyways. A pencil, envelope, piece of paper and stamp can all be had for about a dollar, give or take. How much a month are you spending on communication? Home phone, cell phone, internet; It all adds up; doesn’t it? Plus, going back to this written form of communication would eliminate a lot of bullshit communication. Sometimes we tend to talk too much about nothing at all on the phone because we can. If we were to write about this nothing at all it would take too much effort. We would then be on a path to honest, meaningful communication. Wouldn’t that be fucking great?

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