Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old folks

Old photos are great, especially when they're of your family or someone you knew.  These 2 gems are of Ava's great-grandad and my grandpa.

 This panoramic hangs in our house and it's of the Maine State Police.  Ava's great-grandad and grandpa were both chiefs of police in that state during their lives.  I think great grandpa is the man standing in the middle. Look at that great line-up of bikes on the porch behind them.

This photo is of my Gramps just before he went off to the Korean War.  I think he had this old beast for all of a week before his mother made him get rid of it.  She was afraid he was going to kill himself on it.  To my knowledge this is the extent of "motorcycle in my blood".  No great racing or even life long touring lineage here.  Just floppy ears and knobby knees in the breeze for one week.

Remember to actually print some of your photos and toss them in a shoe box.  Maybe some day we'll be as cool as these fuckers that were just living...

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