Thursday, April 28, 2011

heavy duty

 It seems like I've been banging out a lot of leather work lately so I thought I'd throw these on here.  Red ones are from latigo, black ones are nice quality, thin wallet leather.  The clip is heavy duty brass, I can also do shiny chrome ones if you'd prefer, and is super sturdy.  Your keys aren't going to accidentally come un-hooked.  Snaps are brass plated, or nickle plated or black, I can do whatever you want there.

The loop is sized to fit just about any belt.  Edges are slicked.  All of these are totally hand built,  cut the straps and do all of the snap setting etc etc.  15 bucks will get you one shipped in the lower 48.  If you want one, or any other sort of leather work, email me and lets make it happen.