Thursday, July 28, 2011

Natalie Quinn

What a day for SpeedMetal! I'm proud to announce that Natalie Quinn is joining the SpeedMetal blog as our newest contributor.

If you're relatively new to the chopper scene you may not know who Natalie is, but let me assure you she's a piece of living motorcycle history.

Natalie got her start in the motorcycle world in the early part of the last century in a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She'd just arrived fresh into town, flat-broke and thirsty. she struck a conversation with two budding young entrepreneurs at the bar named William and Arthur. She told them of her long journey and her idea for a much improved form of transportation. The two friends listened intently and offered to buy her all she could drink if she'd just sketch out her ideas on a bar napkin. Natalie went on to help the young Arthur Davidson and William Harley start their own company, and firmly established her place in motorcycle history.

Some years later Natalie moved out to the west to Los Angeles and began a career as a film producer. After a long day in the studio Natalie used to love to unwind by going out and racing at the local dirt flat-track. It was there that she met a handsome young racer with dreams of becoming a star. Natalie introduced her new friend Steve around and he became a star overnight.

Later on in the sixties she helped her friend Dick build a few chopper parts; she's too modest to ever admit it but rumor says the springer front-ends, 2-into-1 collector pipes and mag wheels were all inventions of Natalie's.

Natalie's other good friend in the sixties was famed journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Few people know this, but it was actually Natalie who introduced Hunter to Sonny Barger and the Oakland Angels.

Late in the sixties her Hollywood connections introduced her to a young man named Dennis Hopper who had a script he hoped she'd produce. The film was called "East Rider", it changed a generation and it was backed by Natalie.

Though she's a motivated professional Natalie still finds time to unwind and relax with friends. Once her closest friends in the 70's was legendary stunt man Evil Kenevil. Natalie and Evil used to pal around on the weekends, getting drunk and jumping bikes off over various people and things.

Natalie still remains a powerful force in Hollywood and has consulted in many motorcycle-related films and TV shows. She's also a vocal critic of the motorcycle industry, expressing her likes and dislikes as will and without fear.

Great to have you on board Natalie!

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