Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chad Bratt

I take a lot of pictures, and because of that I often get asked by other people what kind of camera is 'the best' or what kind of camera they should by. My answer has always been the same - good photography predated good cameras by an extensive margin. If you want to take good pictures forget about the camera and focus on yourself!

A perfect example of this principle in practice is Chad Bratt. He's got a photo blog which contains nothing but shots taken with an iPhone. As far as cameras go, that's about as unsophisticated as you can get, yet the creativity and composure are spot on. Take a look and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Kris! Wow I was super surprised to see this. I really appreciate the plug! SpeedMetal has been a inspiration to me. I discovered you guys through some TaunTaun shows a few years back and I love the work that is produced! Keep them coming!

    Check out my (real) website at

    Chad Bratt