Friday, August 12, 2011

The Diddler part 2

So Kris is a fucking hero and found a picture of the tank on the bike! and also found that its in the February 1980 issue of Street Chopper, so if anyone has a copy they wanna sell, thatd be tits!


  1. You had better build a bike around this tank! It's way too sweet to just hang on the wall.

  2. Hey chineasy, dont know if you remember me. I introuduced myself at the born free show my name is Nick ive got a honda cb450 denvers chopper roller.

    But anyways i asked a guy i know whos painting my chopper and he says he has the issue your talking about hell get back to me when he finds it. Dont think hes planning on selling it but i can ask him for ya. if your still interested you can email me.