Sunday, August 14, 2011

ID this Springer??

The rockers look to be AEE and its got an interesting top tree/clamp design. it fits into the rear fork legs and has threaded posts on the top. anyone recognize this?


  1. Under the tree is there any ID numbers starting with AE. I just got that exact springer for my ironhead check it out on Only my top tree has been altered with a plate that slips over the legs and has wholes for yer risers. My still has the AEE numbers on the bottom. Another thing that makes me believe it to be AEE is the two wholes on the top tree in the third pictured I have the exact same ones and the fit an AEE light mount I have as well. Hope this helps.

  2. thanks for the input! there arent any numbers stamped under the tree. the only marking on it are an RD on the back of the top tree.