Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jeff Quinn

This is Jeff Quinn - chopper builder, rider, jouster, entrepreneur extraordinaire and SpeedMetal contributor. At least he will be until his international chain of 'Boob-N-Lube' franchises make him a few billion.

Jeff's a great guy with a killer CB build and rumors of a Big Twin in the works. He was a huge part of the Ride to Born Free trip earlier this year, and he's been a key part of SpeedMetal ever since.

He rides...

He parties...

Men respect him...

Ladies love him...

Welcome Jeff!


  1. All of the essential reasons I made him my husband, but mostly the jousting....

  2. THE heterosexual bear.

  3. We had a boob n' lube here back in the 80s.

  4. hey didnt you guys have a partner named Lucas what happnend to him or is that a touchy subject? I thought the BF3 bike was partly built by him also and I never see anything about that bike or him on here. anyways you guys are building sick bikes keep it up.

  5. i love jeff, but ive heard him speak about 13 words in the year or so that i've known him. i'm cautiously optomistic about his blog contributions.

  6. Antihero,

    Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate the support! Not a touchy subject at all! Lucas has been a great friend and a huge supporter of Dave Barker & SpeedMetal over the years and we're all grateful for everything he's done.

    The motor shop framed Panhead we took to the Born Free builder's invite belongs to Lucas and its construction was a joint effort between him and Dave; Dave did most of the fabrication and fine detail work while Lucas turned the wrenches, gathered parts and set the general direction for the build.

    It turned out to be (in my opinion) some of Dave's finest work and you'll definitely be seeing more of it in the near future. Once we got back from Born Free all the magazines jumped on the chance to do a piece on it so we've been busy taking it on tour and getting it photographed. In fact, if you're going to be up in Sturgis this year you can see the bike as part of this year's Jeff Decker Art Show.

    We want to give the magazines the chance "unveal" the bike first so we've been keeping it pretty quiet, but I've got a stack of great shots taken during the constuction of the bike I'll be sure to post up in the future!

    As for Lucas, he's decided to try a new direction and has opened up his own vintage clothing and parts exchange called "74's Forever". He's doing some really cool stuff, we support him 100% and encourage everyone to check it out! -- http://74sforever.blogspot.com/


  7. hey Kris, thats cool, you guys deserve all the attention you get with that BF bike build it was so right on and Dave and Lucas did one hell of a job on that beauty. Thanks for the update I thought I was going crazy thinking there was a Lucas guy involved in that. well keep up the great work Speedmetal is ruling it!!! oh and welcome aboard Jeff