Monday, November 7, 2011

Took a little trip to Wassel town..

So, it was raining yesterday and I was board because I cannot do anything w/ my lame elbow. So, I put a little photo shoot 2gether of the wassel's laying around. The one w/ the crazy paint is so badass I do not even have to explain. I do not know anything about it. I wish. Well, moving on. The pink tank was one of favorites. That is what happens when you try to put a bike w/ no wheels in yer van by yerself. Bike totally flip upside down (like a trust fall) boo. Do not know how. Oh wait, yes I do. I can be an idoit most of the time. Oh! the pretty one. Maaaan!! thats when you do the prep work yerself to save a couple dollars, give it to the painter (wich would be Sonny Boy) and he paints the shit out of it. Then after riding around fer awhile I noticed a little bubble in the paint. So some time passes, and I ride up to the swap meet. Sonny goes "hey go get yer bike and put in front of my booth" I go get my bike totally bumming on what is about to come next. I could see it in his eye when he looked at it. Fawk! I felt like a turd. Why do you ask? Because Sonny asked me if I pressuerd tested it B4 I gave it to him. My answer... NO.. Sonny "duuuuude!! really?" Thats enough of that story. Old gold or whatever color it is. No story here, just off set filler...
These tanks (and alot more) all came from one source. Trust me, you would not belive me if I told you.. Just belive me, it was so FN..... to be continued... Thanks fer listening....-R

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