Wednesday, January 11, 2012


After we found out that SpeedMetal's Ride to Born Free had been featured in the latest issue of Wild Magazine we were all dying to get our hands on a copy, but unsure of where to find one stateside. Our good friend Virgan from Italy offered to send us a copy, and we wanted to say thanks!

He's got a couple of great blogs going which show what the chopper scene is like over in Europe - Virgan82 and Swap Meet Italy. Be sure to check out the cool stuff posted up on these, including my favorite, a biker's rendition of DaVinci's Last Supper... Thanks again Virgan!


  1. hello,virgan82 and harley-brothers are from luxemburg,a very small country in europe ,not italy.He is number 4 from the right at the picture.
    thangs for posting,mike from harley-brothers

  2. hello,virgan82 and the harley-brothers are from luxemburg (a very small country in europe)not italy.Hi is number 4 from the right at the picture.
    thanks for posting , mike from harley-brothers