Sunday, February 26, 2012

DragThe River

I've played in a lot of bands in my day and Drag The River was one of my favorites. I played drums in the band for quite a few years. in 2007 I took a break. I had started Speedmetal in 2006 and wanted to give it more attention. Anyway im back at it switching between drums and pedal steel. the first dates ill be back in the band are March 1st 2nd and 3rd. if you are interested in coming out to any of the shows leave a comment and ill put you on the guest list.
Here are the shows. This is a video from back when I was in the band on drums.
March 1st in Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
March 2nd Houston, TX @ House of Blues
March 3rd Austin, TX @ Stubbs


  1. Hey, Drag the River with Jon Snodgrass? I got shitty drunk with him in NYC not long ago. Congrats on getting back into music, once you get out, it's awfully hard to get back in...