Thursday, July 19, 2012

Born Free 4: A Bteam Perspective The Finale

Our first night in California was spent at TRIco.  The cops showed up about a half an hour after we had arrived and told everybody we had to leave because the neighbors had complained.  Total turds.

Outside of TRIco

The next day, riding around

Splittin' some lanes, woo woooo.

Patty can do anything in heels which probably means she was destined to be a superhero. Lady superheros always wear healed boots.   For now she is just working as a hair stylist (at least by day).

It twas the night before Born Free....

I heard a bunch of voices and saw what seemed to be a bunch of flashlights.  I walked over to see a gang of dudes with headlamps checking out Jeff's bike. Then in the background I hear "Oh no way maan.  It's a wiizzzard (refering to Jeff's highway bar with wizard heads on either side)." 

The day had arrived...... It was Born Free:

Josh getting ready

The show was crazy this year! It must have been 3 times the size of last year's show.   I didn't even get to walk all the way around to see all of the bikes!  Last year I felt like I had seen every bike and each tent like 4 times.

I'll leave the real chopper photos up to Kris, but here's just a couple of shots I snagged.

I still think this should be called "The Road Stiletto" instead. 

Shellhorn telling us about the sling shot she scored on the road.  She was super pumped which I toatlly understand because it did have an eagle head on it.

Then, I stumbled into this real pretty gold bike:

Justin's Panhead - great job guys it's beautiful!
It was so crowded around the builder bikes the whole day it was hard to ever get a photo.  The beer cans were not originally part of the display, though they really add something.
I had to stand on my tip toes to take this shot, now THAT is just ridiculous. 
Why you so long gold bike?

The show was over.
It felt so fast.

Casualties of the Road:

We got 4 bikes got out to California without many problems but on the way home..

At a stop the guys were telling us that our back wheel seemed a little wobbly and when Jeff went to check it out this is what he saw. 

Our rear wheel cracked the length of 3 spokes. 


So we loaded 'er up.

Then just outside of Vegas Adam's engine gave out.

We rode the rest of the way home with two bikes in the truck bed and the three of us in the truck just watching with envy the two bikes left on the road completing their journey the way we had hoped to.


  1. Thanks for the BTeam perspective, big effort, hope that gnarly wheel issue is sorted, cheers.

  2. Thanks for reading it! Working on finding a wheel!