Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Born Free 4: A Bteam Perspective

Day 1:
I was so excited about the ride to Born Free this year after last year's ride with Kris, Justin and others along with the occasional meeting with the Speedmetal trailer gang attempting to help us with the many "Shit, I ran out of gas" moments and the "Hey, come hang out with us for 3 hours while we figure out where to find an inner tube for this blown out tire in the middle of nowhere" situations that arise when you ride 1000 miles across country on a 2 wheeled machine.   The show itself is amazing, and was even more so this year, but the ride from Colorado to California is absolutely breath taking!You are surrounded by views of some of the most beautiful parts of the country while constantly waiting and wondering what the journey has in store for you along the way. This year it didn't work out for the whole group to ride out together so these are some photos from the adventures of the 

The whole crew on the road

Josh and Patty
And then 1 mile from our first exit..

A Fed-Ex truck burst into flames. 

After an hour of waiting for the interstate to open back up they turn traffic around to go over Loveland Pass, a 25 mile detour! 

And so we meet again Fed-Ex.  Thank you for not being on fire.

Through Glenwood Canyon

Next, 106 mile stretch in Utah with no gas stops.

77 miles, outta gas.  Looked to our right ....

This is what we saw. 

Rob and Aylissa going through Utah.

The Sunset and we got ready for Day 2.

To Be Continued....

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  1. Awesome shots, cool narrative. Bring it on part 2.