Sunday, August 21, 2011

Get some excitement between your legs

 I went down to Sacramento for an AMA flat-track race a few weeks ago.  I rode down to Ashland Oregon  from Portland and stopped there for a night to ride downhill bikes and to pick up my buddy Josh.  Leaving Portland it was about 65 and sunny.  Getting into Sacto the temperature was roughly as hot as the surface of the sun.  We got to the Cal expo center and there was a state fair going on so it smelled like fair food, sweaty asses and pig/cow/horse/sheep shit.  So pretty awesome.  I'd never been to a professional moto race of any sort so I was of course too excited to be able to wait, hearing roaring bikes during qualifying laps gave me goose bumps.  I skipped the turkey legs, corn dogs and funnel cakes and ran straight to the fence in the grandstands to stare at these guys (and 2 girls) blasting by at 135mph.

 Being a mile race this one was run on a horse track and it was the first time there had been a mile race at this venue since '93.  This is turn 4.  During the main for the pro singles one of the racers swapped out and slid through the fence in the bottom left of the frame, knocking one of the support posts out with his body in the process.  He rag dolled hard enough that he tore the aero bump off of the back of his leathers.  After about 5 minutes of lying there he got up, got a ride to the pits, grabbed his spare bike and finished 6th.

 There were many other brands than just Harleys running that night. 
Custom Rotax powered framers.
 Triumph (for Karl and Fish)


 Even a Ktm.

And of course the bulk of the field were running on the venerable XR750

One of the racers was banking on some style points...

And the spool hubs they were all running looked pretty tasty.

K. Howard's dad came up with this logo.

I didn't get any shots of the expert twins main.  They didn't start running till after dark and I was way up in the nose bleed bleacher seats.  What can I say, I'm poor and I suck, no excuse.

The trip back was pretty great.  I took a detour up to Crater Lake. It's at about 8000 feet and it's the deepest lake in the states.  It's also very pure and clear.  That island in the photo is called wizard island.  I'd write some funny shit about Frodo or wizards or something but I'm not that creative so insert your own furry gay midget island joke here...
After the lake I rode along through some twisty river valley for a few hundred miles before I ran back into I5 and slabbed it back up to P town.
So that's it.  No Born free for me.  No love thy chopper.  Not even any Sturgis (although I did see a GRIP of road pirates at the lake) just another trip by myself on my bike.  Get yours out and ride it y'all.  Winter's comin'.


  1. the flat track photos are awesome!

  2. Flat track racing is so sick! Thanks for the pics Dusty! If you're in town anymore this season and want to see some roadracing hit me up!

  3. I'll do it for sure. Thanks Carl!