Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why I went to Sturgis

Mesh and pasties!

So many embellished jeans, even the guys wore them!
The ladies of Sturgis love their rhinestones!

Wooohoo! Sluts!!
What do you think? Is this bartender pregnant?
The bartenders are all actually strippers.
Bartenders hard at work.
Home made chaps.
Can your back tire really ever be fat enough?

When you can't get enough skulls in your wardrobe, just be one.

Such a patriot, we all love eagles, we all love American Flags, but how many of us have an American flag eagle vest, huh?
This was my first year at Sturgis, and so I figured a perfect time for me to recount what a different world Sturgis is from my typical day to day. Women walk around nearly naked regardless of their body type, bartenders wear only lingerie, and the American flag is worn from head to toe. The more I think about it, maybe this is the world I want to live in, why not right? mesh and pasties FOR LIFE!


  1. Next year we're getting some eagle head American flag pasties and selling 'em. I think we could make a killing!

  2. Kris, I love the concept of rolling all that is sturgis into one package! Done!