Friday, July 13, 2012

Born Free 4: A Bteam Perspective Part 2

Day 2:

The sun came up and we were on our way again.

At our first gas stop Josh and Patty had stopped right before the turn into the gas station. 
We were all laughing because Josh kept running out of gas less than a mile from each gas station and this was the closest yet.  I saw Jeff run up to investigate and start rolling the bike toward the gas station. 

Turns out the oil cap had flown off of Josh's bike and covered the bike ( and Patty) in oil.
What was it with the first stop each day?

Jeff and Josh cleaning up the mess.

Patty mourning the lose of her new boots.

We had to find something to plug the oil tank whether it was getting loaded onto Adam's truck or it was getting back on the road.
 After several of us went in seperately looking for something that might work to plug the tank to no avail, Jeff came out with something in his hand. 
Well.... it wasn't just "something".  It was a replacement oil cap, exactly the right size and we were all idiots.

Adam being sad because with Josh's bike still on the road, his bike has to stay in the back of his truck.  Poor little buddy.

Our journey continues...

Into Arizona

We're in this incredible red rock canyon for less than 50 miles and then before we knew it......
 we were in filthy, stinky Nevada.

We wanted to get out of Nevada so fast that Patty had to get her Egg McMuffin to go.

Our last rest before California

California here we come!

Part 3 coming soon!

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