Thursday, July 12, 2012

Born free and My Pan

When dave asked me if i wanted to do my bike for his invited builder bike for born free i had no idea what i was getting myself into. The last few months have been fuckin crazy and i wasnt even the one doing all the work. Dave has an insane amount of hours into this bike, he made fuckin everything besides the motor/trans and the wheels. Its the most amazing bike ive ever seen and its really gnarly to have something that ive dreamed about in my head for so long, actually exist in real life. Its a feeling that i cant really explain and theres nothing i can say or do to thank dave enough, that bike is perfect.

The born free trip was epic, we took the bike out to joshua tree and smoked it for the first time out there and i like to think gram was there with us. and it was the perfect spot to shoot the photos for the bike. Kris will probably post some of the out takes soon. I just want to say thanks to the whole crew for an epic time and thanks again dave for building my dream motorcycle. i dont have any pics from the trip so heres one that Michael Schmidt posted on his page.


  1. Be proud!! that bike is insane.

  2. i do hope you have the International Submarine Band record!